Bird Song Hill Vyds

Bird Song Hill Vineyards
Bird Song Hill Wines Columbia Valley

                                             Bird Song Hill Wines by Goose Ridge Estate Vineyards

 Remarkable Value
from a Renowned Wine Estate

The Goose Ridge Estate Vineyards are situated across from  Red Mountian in Washington State's Columbia Valley, and    are the source of Bird Song Hill Vineyards wines.  Dr. Walter Clore, known as the "father" of Washington wines, declared Goose Ridge Vineyards to be the "premier growing region in Columbia Valley."  Fairly warm for Washington, this region allows for full flavor development year after year.  Planted on   a combination of sandy silt loam and gravelly loam soils, the fruit from these vineyards yields wines with rich complexity.  This highly regarded vineyard allows the Monson Family to produce stunning quality wines while remaining sensibly priced

Bird Song Hill Vineyards Wines
  • Riesling, Red Wine Blend and Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Quality wines from the renowned Goose Ridge Vineyards in the famed Columbia Valley
  • Family Owned - Estate Vineyard since 1999
  • Veteran Winemaker, Andrew Wilson
Vineyards are often home to the migration of birds in song.  Music is in the air.  Bird Song Hill Vineyards is an enchanting place where grapes ripen to the chorus and cacophony of song drifting from our cherry and apple trees to our vines.  Close your eyes, listen, sip - and we'll take you there...

Bird Song Hill Vineyards Wines
Bird Song Hill Vineyards

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