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Born and raised in Dry Creek Valley, I’ve explored every vineyard in every corner of my Home Field to create a modern wine that expresses purity of fruit and my family’s long winemaking history. Home Field’s debut wine is a red blend made from five grape varieties grown in 6 different vineyards.

Adam Sbragia grew up playing in the vineyards, riding a tractor with my grandfather, Gino and pruning and sampling grapes with my dad, Ed.

Gino’s Estate Vineyard | Zinfandel
5 acres | Planted 1950’s Brown Ginger Spices.

La Promessa Estate Vineyard | Zinfandel
7 acres | Planted 1999 Cloves & Cherry Compote.

Teldeschi Vineyard | Petite Sirah
30 acres | Oldest Vines 1913-1919 Powerful, Dark & Chewy.

Forchini Vineyard | Carignane
2 acres | Planted 1967 Bright Red Fruit, Ideal Acidity

Andolsen Vineyard | Cabernet Sauvignon
10 acres | Planted 1999 Rich, Ripe Cherries.

Home Ranch Estate Vineyard | Merlot
8 acres | Planted 1960’s Smooth & Silky.


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