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Los Tres Pacos

 Los Tres Pacos - Mas Buscados

The Most Wanted Wine in Spain

The Search
Inspired by Spain's largely untapped fine wine resources, friends, colleagues, and Masters of Wine, Fergal Tynan and Giles Cooke set off on a journey to find the unsung heroes of Spain, be they regions, growers or winemakers.  Fergal's interest in wine terroirs and Giles' instincts for flavor led them to unearth great Spanish wines whose stories were untold.  Los Tres Pacos represents one of these discoveries.  A handmade wine that reflects the personality of the land.

The Tres Pacos
With mug shots gracing the label, three grape growers, all named Paco (seriously) combine to make Los Tres Pacos - Mas Buscados the most wanted wine in Spain!  Together, Los Tres Pacos are wanted for producing grapes of criminal succulence and concentration.  Long term, committed offenders, they have been known to cut bunches and slash yields, letting nothing stand in their way to excellence. 

Having sourced the best bunches of grapes from the three Pacos, the wines were produced using a blend of traditional and modern winemaking.  Los Tres Pacos - Más Buscados is a shining example of the level of quality that can be achieved from Southern Spain.

The Los Tres Pacos vineyards are in the Castilla - La Mancha wine region in central Spain, which is an area of great natural beauty that acquired its Vino de la Tierra status in 1999.





Los Tres Pacos - Mas Buscados

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