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Moone-Tsai Wines' pedigree is rooted in an extraordinary combination of exceptional fruit, terroir, and artisanal winemaking.  As fine friends and partners  building Napa Valley wine businesses for over twenty years – including the creation of three celebrated #1-rated wines in the world – the Moone-Tsai founders, Mike Moone, MaryAnn Tsai and Larry Tsai established Moone-Tsai Wines with the simple mission of crafting “the finest wines we know how.”
Made by renowned winemaker, Philippe Melka, the Moone-Tsai portfolio of wines indeed reflects the essential elements of inspired winemaking – subtle balance of elegance, structure, power and finesse.  These beautiful wines have stimulated an exuberant response from wine aficionados the world-over and have been awarded consistent outstanding reviews and awards from respected wine press since their debut offerings. 



Moone-Tsai Cabernet Sauvignon

MaryAnn and Larry Tsai and Mike Moone 

 Philippe Melka

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