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The partners have prior proven success as the senior management team for the Luxury Division at Beringer Blass Wine Estates. During that time, they managed an international portfolio of 15 brands with sales of approximately 1 million cases and revenues of $100 million. Vintage Point specifically speaks to the needs of luxury producers, and embraces their individuality and the special niche they occupy in our industry. “Our aim is to partner with these wineries so that their businesses remain viable, profitable and strong.”

Navigation through a consolidating industry
Vintage Point sees that wineries that choose to remain independent are getting lost in an industry where large wine corporations, large brands and large retailers dominate the system and the focus of distributors.

Shepherds of the land, legacy and vision
Vintage Point values and respects the individuality of fine wine producers. Whether a 100 year legacy or a first generation entrepreneur’s vision of the land, Vintage Point plays a supporting role to these stewards. Wine lovers seek out wines reflecting this commitment and vision. Vintage Point helps put it all together.

Building brands with a disciplined approach
Vintage Point has found that the most successful brands are those that know how to target and closely manage their distribution according to each sales channel. Seeking a high rating does not build a brand. Building a relationship with consumers does. The company specializes in channel management, employing luxury wine industry veterans who have strong, personal relationships with distributors, master sommeliers, restaurateurs and key retail accounts. They focus on the channels that understand luxury wines and that best serve their clients: the 10,000+ restaurants and the specialty luxury retail accounts that sell most of the luxury-priced wine in the U.S.

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