Frida Kahlo


Frida Kahlo is a woman who passionately embraced the adversities of life and found in her reality an opportunity to reinvent herself. Her iconic identity and extraordinary artwork left behind a legacy that transcends and overcomes barriers of culture while inpiring her to constantly transform tradition into reinvention. This is why we were inspired by Frida’s passion, sophistication, elegance and attitude to create a new style of wine.

We present you Frida Kahlo, a true reinvented classic.

The Grapes

The grapes were handpicked from our estate vineyards, located over the best alluvial terraces in Alto Maipo Region by the Andes mountains. Before fermentation the grapes are cold macerated for 10 days at 4ºC, to ensure maximum retention of primary fruit aromas and to maximize colour extraction. Alcoholic fermentation was carried out in stainless steel tanks at 28º - 29º C. The total maceration period was between 14-22 days. The total blend was aged in French oak barrels for a period of 14 months, malolactic fermentation occurred naturally in barrels.

The Soil

Cabernet Sauvignon demands good drainage to deliver perfect tannins, so the wine can expand on the palate, delivering elegance and balance. The soil of our “Quillayes” vineyard planted over alluvial terraces has a mixture of 20% clay and 80% sand, which provides the vines with outstanding drainage balanced with optimum moisture retention.

The Climate

This grape variety requires warm temperatures to fully develop its unique blackcurrant and
spice flavours. A significant fluctuation in temperature from day to night gives the wine a balanced acidity. The proximity of our vineyard to the river enables the winds sweeping in from the Andes to moderate day temperatures, and the high altitude helps to cool down the area at night Alto Maipo is without doubt the best Chilean terroir for Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine has successfully harnessed that potential.