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After adding new brands to its lineup over the past year, California-based Vintage Point now has annual volume of around 350,000 cases. Vintage Point president David Biggar says the portfolio has been premiumizing lately, with a clear focus on wines priced at $15 a 750-ml. and above. Most recently, Vintage Point added Dave Phinney's Grenache-focused Department 66 (around $45) label; the winery is based in France's Roussillon region, where Phinney owns over 300 acres of vineyards. Also new to the portfolio is Cigar Box, which depleted around 50,000 cases last year. Originally sourced from Chile and Argentina, Cigar Box recently launched the Humidor California Cabernet Sauvignon ($15). Biggar expects Cigar Box to approach 60,000 cases this year. Another recent addition is Oregon sourced Julia's Dazzle ($20), a rose of Pinot Gris that depleted its 10,000-case produc tion run in 2017. For 2018, supply has risen to 12,000 cases, and Biggar intends to expand distribution into select East Coast markets.  Vintage Point's role as the chain channel marketer for Mionetto Prosecco also continues to pay off, driven by chains like Albertsons and Vons. "Mionetto was underdeveloped in the West, but that's chang ing," Biggar says. Mionetto reached 680,000 cases in the U.S. last year on 12% growth, according to Impact Databank. Looking ahead, Vintage Point will continue to add small- and mid-sized wineries. 'We've identified some of these brands in their very early stages and provided a platform to compete," Biggar says.

Market Watch, June 2018
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