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From its first vintage in 2007, Nine Hats was an overnight success.  Originally inspired by Long Shadows' team of internationally renowned vintners, the portfolio now stands on its own, with a tip of the hat to those who first envisioned it.

In the beginning there was one Nine Hats wine, a red blend created from Long Shadows' declassified barrels to support the winemakers' ongoing strict selecion process for their signature wines. The overwheming success of the Red Wine lead to the expansion of the brand and Nine Hats has come out of the "shadows" to assemble a porfolio of eight uniquely sophisticated wines.

Today, Long Shadows' director of winemaking and enology, Gilles Nicault, oversees a team of winemakers dedicated to Nine Hats.  The wines are styled for qualirty and everyday enjoyment.

Nine Hats grapes are sourced from many of the best vineyards in the Columbia Valley. While denand for top quality Washington State grapes is strong, Nine Hats' access to exceptional fruit is made possible through Long Shadows' on-going relationships with Washington States's best growers; and it is the vineyards that serve as a lasting connection between the two wineries.
Nine Hats Pinot Gris, Columbia Valley
Nine Hats Riesling, Columbia Valley
Nine Hats Chardonnay, Columbia Valley
Nine Hats Red Wine, Columbia Valley
Nine Hats Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley
Nine Hats Syrah, Columbia Valley
Nine Hats Malbec, Columbia Valley
Nine Hats Merlot, Columbia Valley




MaryAnn and Larry Tsai and Mike Moone 

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